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Application Programming Interface (API) is the way software speaks to each other. Whether you’re using custom software or off-the-shelf software, your company’s software programs need to communicate with one another effectively. That’s where SKAD IT Solutions comes in. We have the expertise and experience to optimize all of your existing software, or create a system that compiles all of your business’s needs into one place. Allow us to show you what we can do to optimize your business and lead you to the growth and success your company deserves.

Our Services

We at SKAD IT Solutions provide you with various API services such as

ImageAltCustom API Development
At SKAD IT Solutions, we provide you with a Custom API Development service where we create dedicated APIs to integrate with the web services. These APIs are designed for internal use within the company's system only. 
As explained above, sharing of data and information between applications and tools is made easy and hassle-free using API Integration. API integration helps in the faster transmission of data and information while ensuring minimal or no loss in between. Not only does it save time, but it also makes the entire procedure smooth. The process is done by the computer itself on automation. No human involvement is required in the process. For instance, LinkedIn API is one of the most refined API integrations seen in that arena. Professionals make their professional profiles using the Profile API, while employers post their company information using the Company API. Both the APIs can share data to help in the interaction between both parties. Therefore, API integration helps by syncing the data of all connected systems thereby providing efficiency in data management and enhancing productivity. Our Developers are proficient in making the best API integration using any of the formats such as REST, SOAP, or RPC.
Sometimes, organizations wish to make their data and information available to other third-party companies. This is called Third-party API integration. For instance, Salesforce might wish to make their data open to other vendors. In such a case they will have a third-party Salesforce API which will make it possible for third parties to get access to Salesforce data and information.
Our job doesn't end with simply developing API for your organization. We at SKAD IT Solution ensure by way of testing, automation, and simulation the accuracy of the API developed.

In times where e-commerce is the way of life for most businesses, we provide organizations with payment API integration services. We make the entire process of making the payment, transfer of information between parties, etc a seamless process through our API integration services.

Benefits of API Integration

With the current status of web competition, API integration has become a must have to stay competitive. Having websites and systems that function with API modules is the only way to ensure seamless and fast, data sharing. Some of the key benefits of using API integrations are:

  • Image


  • Image

    Improved connectivity and collaboration

  • Image

    Better customer service

  • Image

    Enhanced performance

  • Image

    New revenue options

  • Image

    Better marketing

With SKAD IT Solutions taking care of your API integration and development needs, relax and see your business grow by manifold.

Types of API

As the name suggests, this type of API is meant to be used only within an organization. These are closed and not open for other external users.
Most operating environments provide their own set of APIs to the developers, based on which the developers build third-party apps. This makes it easy for the applications to adapt to these operating systems such as Windows, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Such types of common APIs are called Open API.
To facilitate B2B processes, some companies allow their API to be used by their selected partners. Partners are required to have licenses and permits to use these APIs.
This type of API uses two or more API sequentially to function together interdependently. Usually, this type of API is used when complex functions are required to be performed.
As the name suggests, this type of API is meant to be used only within an organization. These are closed and not open for other external users.

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