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    We may not be able to grant wishes, but we can certainly make your dreams become a reality with our cloud solutions that are tailored exactly to you.

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    Harness the power of streamlined communication to better collaborate with your team. Transform your application or infrastructure to become cutting-edge and stay ahead of the competition.

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    Unlock the potential of your business by leveraging cloud computing! With this game-changing technology, you can quickly achieve greater efficiency thanks to automated processes, scalability for future expansion and heightened security. Let go of traditional methods and make use of the advantages brought about by embracing cloud today in order to maximize productivity and success.

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    Ensure the integrity and uniformity of your data with ease.

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Offsite Data Backups

When disaster strikes, it is necessary to have a secure and geo-redundant backup software in place that can effectively store your images. Active monitoring of this data should also be conducted to ensure swift recovery from any unfortunate events. SKAD IT Solutions understands the importance of secure data backup and offers comprehensive managed services that include setup, monitoring, as well as reliable recovery in case of any emergencies. Get the peace of mind you deserve and back up your valuable data today. From natural disasters like floods and earthquakes, to equipment malfunctions or increasing cybercrime threats such as ransomware and phishing - make sure that no matter what, your information is protected. With regular backups, sleep soundly knowing that all of your important documents are secure!

Google Workspace

By transforming into Google Workspace, you can rest assured that your emails and documents are securely stored in the cloud. This ensures that your data remains safe while also allowingyou to easily share work with colleagues - all at a fraction of the cost! Google Workspace provides you with an extensive suite of digital tools, from Gmail and Calendar to Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets Slides and Forms. Even better, we provide helpful Sites for your comfort! Regardless of whether you're already using Google Workspace or wish to migrate from another platform, our team is here ready and willing to assist.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 subscription plans give users access to Office applications and other productivity-boosting cloud hosting solutions, all accessible over the Internet. To sum it up, this hosted email solution contains all your favorite applications along with online storage capacity, as well as access from virtually any location and collaboration devices. Since its launch, SKAD IT Solutions has proudly partnered with Microsoft Office 365 and successfully migrated thousands of users to various Microsoft 365 Plans. With consistent monthly payments, you can scale as your needs develop and circumvent hefty initial investments. Ready to take advantage of all the features Microsoft 365 has to offer, or want to switch over from another system? Our team is fully prepared and available for assistance.

Cloud Computing

Office servers can be both a nuisance and an eyesore, with their bulky size taking up precious space. Fortunately, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are here to guide us through this difficult time. Microsoft Azure is an efficient cloud computing tool that eliminates the need for bulky servers. Despite the fact that you retain access to all of your essential resources, when utilizing cloud servers, it's like having an extra room in your office - available for any purpose. These reliable and optimally performing services will continue to work as usual; yet now with additional space on hand completely free!

Physical machines inevitably become less reliable over time. After a few years, hard drives require replacement, and the equipment itself becomes obsolete-- meaning that any initial investment quickly becomes an ongoing expense for your business as you struggle to maintain repairs until buying a new server is eventually required. Microsoft Azure and AWS make operating a server effortless and affordable—just like streaming Netflix! With these features, all of the initial costs associated with running a server are gone. You can now experience the pleasure of having your own server without dealing with maintenance fees. Moreover, with SKAD IT Solutions managing the backend of your operations, you can devote more time to advancing your business.

In addition to the numerous benefits of migrating, there is also the assurance that your data will be kept secure. With cloud-based services, rather than relying on a physical server in-house, businesses can access their information from anywhere while having peace of mind knowing it's stored safely offsite. Don't worry about any potential damage to your office, because cloud backups will always safeguard your data. No matter what comes in its way!

Pick up the phone and call us now to gain more insight. Our educated engineers are on standby, eager to discuss your individual needs and craft a custom cloud computing solution tailored for you and your business!

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