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Ecommerce is one of the fastest-growing platforms for businesses and how! The pandemic has changed the way people view products, try, purchase, showcase or even sell them. Online shopping portals see more sales and page visits than physical stores themselves. Although there is still a segment of people who swear by the traditional process of trying and buying; the new millennials are all about purchasing online. In such a scenario, where even daily household products are being selected and purchased online, any business willing to grow further needs an online presence with a working, functioning eCommerce portal.
Inventory ManagementInventory Management
We understand how important it is to automate and maintain inventory on a business operating on omnichannel platforms. Therefore, we develop customized inventory solutions to ease the process of managing inventory and smoothen the process of sales and deliveries. Our feature-rich inventory management software gives you solutions to manage – centralized inventory, bulk stock addition, managing SKU codes, linking warehouses and inventory together, report analysis, etc.
The most challenging part of an eCommerce-enabled portal is managing orders. Our software solutions make this as easy as scrolling through a single panel to understand the status of all the past, present, or pending orders and transactions. Our software helps manage the returns and shipping labels, enabling a hassle-free process. Our software does it all from creating bulk shipping batches to picking and packing labels, providing invoices and analytics, and reports.
SKAD provides one-of-a-kind e-commerce software that makes courier management effortless. Our dashboard enables you to manage all self-ship and marketplace couriers from one place. Our courier service integrations help you deal with shipping and returns securely. The software also generates the AWB codes and shipping documents automatically.
We provide comprehensive software solutions when it comes to warehouse management software. Our software is equipped with features like defining access rules, aisles and racks management, multiple warehouses linking and management, warehouse overview on the dashboard, etc.
Custom integration is one of the crucial aspects of the eCommerce software solutions provided by SKAD. We provide integrations as requested by the client or according to the requirements of the business module. We can provide ERP integrations to smoothen the process of warehouse management in omnichannel businesses.
Analytics is one of the most critical tools of our eCommerce and retail software solutions. Now quit spending hours pouring over the numbers. Let our software solutions do the same for you, providing you with comprehensive reports for sales and growth. You can identify patterns in your sales and growth, thus adopting and modifying your marketing or sales strategies.
Are you finding keeping track of all payments challenging? Worry no more. Our eCommerce and retail software solutions help you keep track of all seller payments and refunds.
Usually, sellers opt to make their products available for sale on multi-channels, that is, several eCommerce websites. Remembering all the log-in details, tracking payments and refunds, product discharge, and other issues like this become a challenge in such a situation. SKAD helps deal with such problems by providing a single platform where you can view orders, payments, sales, etc from all channels in one place.

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