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The pandemic had a large impact in moving the multi-billion-dollar industry of Education to an online platform. Online courses, recorded classes, and mobile app offerings have become the top sources for education. E-Learning is no longer a future concept, but a present reality. SKAD IT Solutions offers expertise in building a robust learning platform with its ability to integrate websites, mobile apps, and web applications, and more.

Offer a USP

Students and working professionals alike are searching for opportunities for mental growth. The market has become saturated and extremely competitive, therefore having a Unique Selling Point (USP) is critical for success. The tools and platforms SKAD IT Solutions offers is key to setting your offering apart from the rest.

Shift in platforms post-pandemic

The pandemic created the need for remote-learning solutions in a short time frame. Having a platform that was accessible and user-friendly for both educators and students became a priority. Learning Management Systems (LMS) immediately shifted to fill this need. With over a decade of experience, SKAD IT Solutions positioned itself to meet this need, offering a wide-range of solutions to meet the diverse need and method required by its different clients. Our expertise can become your benefit when you choose to partner with us in your LMS solution

Benefits Of Education E-learning Software

For working professionals especially, MOOCs and eLearning platforms are a blessing. Even for students aspiring to take admission into higher education colleges overseas, online education and eLearning have reduced the overall relocation costs.
Learning Management Systems have enabled education institutes and content developers to build and manage courses online. These systems have enabled easy teaching, training, and learning processes for students, employees, and educators alike. Further, due to the type of content developed using animations and other AR techniques, the students learn in a much better environment.
The ability of educators and learners to take courses sitting from any corner of the world is unmatched. Location and background are not a limitation anymore as long as one has a responsive device, an internet connection, and a willingness to learn.
E-Learning has reduced the overall cost of developing and sharing content due to the nature of the content designed. It benefits the content providers as well as the learners by being cost-effective.

Our Product Offerings

SKAD understands how important education and eLearning are in the lives of all today. We have, therefore, an expert team of IT professionals who develop software, Learning management systems, and eLearning platforms to suit the needs of all in the field of education.
SKAD offers the much sought-after Learning Management Systems. We design LMS following the requirements of our clients, making it easy for them to create, manage and deliver the courses to the students. Our LMSs are feature-rich and present to you solutions for student progress reporting, assignments submissions and automated ratings, course management, query resolutions, etc.
Our innovative, attractive, and user-friendly UI helps users to easily navigate through the platform and search for their requisite courses. Further, all processes like selecting the course, applying for it, taking admissions, and finishing the courses are made easy with our interface.
Remotely training employees is now a reality, and we at SKAD provide training simulations and solutions for the same. Not only have eLearning and remote training solutions been seen to improve employee productivity, but it has also been seen to reduce the overall associated training costs.
We provide schools and education institutes with school management solutions, enabling easy access and usability for all the school staff, parents, and students.
Microlearning is now the Avant-Garde for all in learning and education. Developing specific learning modules, especially for employee training and upskilling, microlearning is all about short-term learning. SKAD has an expert team of IT developers who develop microlearning solutions per your requirements making it easier to create and dissipate knowledge.
Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs are the newest innovation in the education industry and are here to stay. Not only are MOOCs focused on bringing the education and courses from reputed colleges and universities to the doorstep of the students worldwide, but these are also cost-effective. SKAD provides you with a platform built specifically for MOOCs. Our UI/UX is user-friendly and focuses on bringing out the most interactive technology platform to the students and educators alike.

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We provide tailor-made education and eLearning Software Solutions to our clients worldwide.

Deep Stack Tech

Our IT team is exceptionally experienced and built for developing software across all platforms and technologies. It gives us an edge over our competitors.

Data Security

All the software solutions we provide comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). We understand how, as an educational institute or platform, you are liable for the data protection of your clients. We provide cutting-edge security solutions for the same.

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