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Whether it’s a mobile app, e-commerce platform, or a website, SKAD IT Solutions is an expert at connecting your health and fitness offering to the rest of the world. Health coaches and trainers love us for our apps and websites. Clothing and equipment brands choose us for our E-commerce tools. No matter what you need, we have the experience to build your Healthcare & Fitness Software Solutions.

Who Benefits From Our Services?

SKAD has worked across the world for clients from all areas of the health and fitness industry. If you are still wondering if our solutions will benefit you, the following is a list of all the stakeholders in the fitness and healthcare industry that use our customized healthcare software services to their advantage:
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    Start-ups in the field of wellness

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    Independent software suppliers

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    Medical companies developing healthcare and fitness devices

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    Healthcare providers

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    Healthcare insurance companies

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    Clinical labs

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    Sport centres, gymnasiums and other wellness centres

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    Biotechnological research companies

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    Pharmaceutical companies

Our Services

Software Development Services: Offering a bouquet of services under this header, we provide comprehensive IT services to our clients from the health and fitness sector. With our expert healthcare IT consulting, you can decide the mode of action best suited for you. Some of the healthcare & fitness software solutions offered by us are:
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    Custom Healthcare Application Development

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    IoT Healthcare Application Development

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    Healthcare IT Support

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    Web and Mobile Medical Software Development

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    Wellness Business Management Software

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    Enterprise Software Systems For Healthcare

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    Healthcare Business Intelligence Software

Our Product Offerings

SKAD is a pioneer in harbouring new technologies into their products ensuring updated versions and solutions. Some of the solutions we provide to our clients in fitness and health industry are mentioned below.
Our comprehensive Healthcare Software Solutions help resolve several issues in the day-to-day dealing of the business’s processes and systems. For instance, our supply chain management platforms help keep track of the inventory, automating the entire process, thus saving you time and manpower.
We also develop eCommerce platforms for easy dealing with the consumers. Suppliers, distributors, and healthcare facilities can all converge on one eCommerce platform and conduct their businesses together from the comfort of their homes, while the safety of their business transactions is ensured. 
For your consumers, we develop user-friendly, interactive health and fitness applications and systems, making it easier for them to gain access to their health records, place orders for medicine, or even book appointments with their preferred healthcare practitioners.
In times where Artificial intelligence and Augmented Reality are gaining ground, we understand how important it is to be up to date of these recent developments. Therefore, we have our IT experts developing custom healthcare software solutions for our clients integrating AI and AR for the best visual effects and automation. For our clients involved in research, we develop solutions that help in automatic simulations to come to conclusions and check results.
Further, our solutions help ease your HR-related processes by enabling employees to log in their work hours within a matter of seconds. Our machine learning solutions further ensure that the program adapts and learns of its own accord with changing provisions and scale. Our experts at SKAD understand the importance of security at health and research-related facilities and therefore develop identity and access management solutions for your staff as well.

Fitness Trackers and Wearables

Another emerging trend in the field of fitness and health is the increasing demand for fitness and health wearables and applications associated with these. Especially with the pandemic setting in, people increasingly are on the lookout for home-based fitness solutions and applications. SKAD is not far behind when it comes to developing fitness software solutions for this segment.

Why Choose Us?

Integrated Solutions

We understand how difficult it is to find all solutions for mobile, web, and third-party devices under one header. Therefore, we provide you with integrated modules which work for the IoT fitness devices, mobile, web, and even third-party integrations all together as one.

Attractive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing for the Healthcare Software Development Services offered by us. We understand how important ROI (Return on Investment) is for your business and strive to make your investment in our solutions the most profitable option.


SKAD always strives to offer the best possible solution to the clients. For the same, we have built up a team of expert healthcare software developers and IT consultants, who leave no stone unturned till the client is 100 percent satisfied. Our expertise in the field of healthcare software development and management is unmatched and we are proud to have a portfolio comprising of several happy clients across the world.

Latest Technologies

With a rich talent pool of professionals working for us, we ensure that our solutions are based on the latest technologies in the market. The latest trends in the field of fitness and health are well understood by our professionals. Their knowledge of these new emerging trends is further combined with cutting-edge technological innovations to create a fresh, feature-rich product that serves our clients to the very best.

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