We offer powerful SaaS products designed to help your company excel

Clarify your direction

Gather the voices of your customers and employees to build a clearer path forward.

Build beautiful websites

Take complete control of your website design with templates, one-click options, and powerful tools that make you feel like a developer.

Task Force serve every member of the family

We provide services to your home which consist of housekeeping service...

iviva smart building manager

iviva Smart Wall provides a game changing technology framework to intelligently deliver personalized...

iSignal location based advertising

iSignal Inc. is a sister concern of Hexagon IT Solutions, a popular IT Solution provider...

Ninja Support ticketing system

Ninja Support is a practical and cost-effective customer support system. Organize your support...

Arches Construction

Construction software is a must-have for any construction company looking to streamline its operations...

HexaPlans interactive floor plans

HexaPlans has been designed so that the prospective buyers can get a feel of how their completed...


Big ideas, little details, and everything in between. Anything that matters to you can be captured in a note, ready for when you need it...

“Cullsy” plays an outstanding roll in today’s

“Cullsy” plays an outstanding roll in today’s modernized world. Cullsy was developed with the intent...

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